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The Adur Sailing Club is a Royal Yachting Association Registered Training Centre. We teach sailing both to complete beginners and those who wish to improve their sailing skills so that they can safely and competently sail elsewhere. 


The training we provide is to a recognised standard whether or not you are seeking an RYA qualification. We teach the RYA method of sailing but unusually for a training centre the instruction is integrated with the sailing and theory sessions. As your sailing skills develop from week to week you won’t even realise you are being trained. 

All our volunteer instructors are RYA qualified. The club also encourages the more experienced members to become qualified instructors and assistant instructors, supporting their personal development hand in hand with improving their sailing skills.


The RYA courses that we teach over the season within our different ability groups are:

All sailing courses run with a maximum Student : Instructor Ratio of  9 : 1 but not more than 6 boats per instructor.

Periodically we also run the following as discrete RYA Powerboat courses:

  • Level 1 Start Powerboating - 1 day

       (Maximum Student : Instructor Ratio of  3 : 1) 

       (Maximum Student : Instructor Ratio of  3 : 1)

       (Maximum Student : Instructor Ratio of  6 : 1)

If you want to learn to sail with us have a chat with Zoe

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