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The Adur Sailing Club Season runs from March to November. In that time we would hope to sail on roughly twenty Sundays and a few Thursday Evenings. It all depends on what the tides will allow us to do. Typically we would also have at least thirty five weekly theory sessions.


Membership of the Adur Sailing Club includes:

  • RYA certified sailing instruction

  • RYA certified theory instruction

  • Use of all the equipment needed to sail

  • Personal Flotation Device

  • Safety Boat Cover

The Adur Sailing Club encourages all its members to be fully involved in the running of the club. Each year two of the junior members are elected as club captains. They are members of the club's organising committee and help to make decisions about how the club is run.


As members become more experienced they are encouraged to qualify as Assistant Instructors and be involved in teaching the less experienced members. They also have the opportunity to qualify to operate the club safety boats. 


Annual membership fees are £375 per person which includes everything listed above. This can be paid in instalments to spread the cost. We also have a family discount option to encourage your whole family to come sailing with us.

Becoming a member couldn't be simpler, just ask Zoe.

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